Security Assessment Tools

Here you'll find some of the security assessment tools that we have produced to help vendors assess their products, and help security administrators assess their networks.

IPv6 toolkit

The SI6 Networks' IPv6 toolkit is a security assessment and troubleshooting tool for the IPv6 protocols. The toolkit and related documentation is available at the SI6 Networks' IPv6 Toolkit home page.


ipv6mon is a portable IPv6 Address Monitoring Daemon originally produced by Fernando Gont on behalf of the UK CPNI, and currently maintained by SI6 Networks. The tool and related documentation is available at the ipv6mon home page.

ICMP attacks against TCP

  • icmp-reset: Blindly resetting arbitrary TCP connections (icmp-reset)
  • icmp-mtu: Blindly reducing the performance of arbitrary TCP connections (icmp-mtu)
  • icmp-quench: Blindly reducing the throughput of arbitrary TCP connections (icmp-reset)