SI6 Networks prides itself of its highly-skilled technical personnel. Our personnel is constantly involved in mission-critical projects, which requires world-class expertise. We not only employ technology, but also participate in its design and production process. Involvement in a variety of research, engineering, standardization, and deployment projects guarantee that we have first-hand knowledge and expertise on the technologies we work with.


SI6 Networks does not promote o endorse any specific technology, product, or vendor. We carefully and objectively assess the unique needs of our clients, and employ the technologies and products that better suit their needs.


SI6 Networks constantly invests resources on research and development (R&D), resulting in our customers benefiting from the associated insights before their competitors do.


SI6 Networks makes contributions to the networking and security community for the benefit of the Internet community as a whole — whether they are direct customers of SI6 Networks or not. Our members participate actively in a variety of public forums and standards organizations, contribute to free software projects, and release freely available publications and tools.