SI6 Networks makes contributions to the networking and security communities for the benefit of such communities as a whole. Our members participate actively in a variety of public forums and standards organizations, contribute to free software projects, and release freely available publications and tools.


At SI6 Networks, we believe that one important area in which progress needs to be made is that of IPv6 security. While SI6 Networks has led a number of advancements in this field, there has been limited research on IPv6 vulnerabilities in the security community as a whole. Therefore, we believe that the creation of a community where IPv6 security issues are discussed is guaranteed. In the hopes of providing a forum for such community, we have created the IPv6 Hackers mailing-list. Additionally, we have created the IPv6 Hackers (En Español) mailing-list for fostering discussion of these topics among Spanish-speaking individuals.

Please find out more information about our mailing-lists here.